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PAMBAR - THE THALAYAR Pambar originates from the Benmore Tea Estate of Devikulam in Idukki district. It is at Anaimudi Hills the highest peak of Kerala an altitude of + 1950 m above M.S.L of the western Ghats. It flows 29 km eastward through Kerala state and enter in to Tamilnadu state.  It is also known as The Thalayar. Pambar is also a tributary of the Cauvery river.The total drainage area of the Pambar basin within Kerala State is 384 sq. km. The main tributaries of this river is Iravikulam, Mylady, Theerthamala, Chengalar, and Thenar (Vattavada river). Pambar joins with Thenar in Tamil Nadu in Kovikadvu. The bed of the river falls steeply and it crosses over to the Tamil Nadu to form the Amaravathy a major tributary of the Cauvery River.
Thuvanam Water Falls is in Pambar.The spectacular waterfall is located in the interiors of the Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary.It is adjoined by Iravikulam National park, Anaimali and Kodaikkanal Wildlife sanctuaries.The Wildlife Department is allowing to…


BHAVANI RIVER  Bhavani River, is a tributary of the River Cauvery originating from the South West Corner of the Nilgiri hills of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu states.  It enters kerala through Palakkad district between two high forested ridges about 20 kms up to Mukkali, after the abrupt turn in the northeast direction through a totally degraded and denuded catchment about 25 km where the whole population of the Attappady valley lies upto Koodappatti. 

 Attappady Reserve Forest is a protected well known prominent forest  area in Palakkad district of Kerala. Attappady has many tribal groups include Irular, Mudugar and Kurumbar has own rich culture and tradition that go beyond the Vedic times.
  Silent Valley is considered one of the most ecologically diverse areas on the planet is 40 km away from Mannarkkad, Palakkad district.It has more than 1000 species of flowering plants which include about 110 species of orchids, more than 34 species of mammals, about 200 species of butterflies, 40…


KABINI RIVER Kabani River originates from Pakramthalam hills in Wayanad district and flows 58 km towards eastern side to the Karnataka state.  It is the only one river which flows out of the state to Karnataka state. Makkiyad river, Periya river,Panamaram river and kalindi river joins with kabani on its way.Panamaram river joins Kabini near Payyampally at Koodal Kadavu. The famous tourist spot 'Kuruva islands' situated on the banks of the Kabani River. It is a 950-acre (3.8 km2) protected river delta on the Kabini River in the Wayanad district.Which is an ideal picnic spot and potential eco tourism destination.This island of dense and evergreen forest is uninhabited and hence a home to rare kinds of flora and fauna: uncommon species of birds, orchids and herbs.The forest reserve is spread over 55 acres of forestland and water bodies situated on the banks of river Kabini. It is considered to be one of the best wildlife spotting areas in Karnataka, famous for its spectacular wildli…


KAVVAYI RIVER Kavvayi river originate from Cheemeni hills and flows 31 km westward to Kavvayi lake at an altitude of +385 m and flows past Alpadampa, Vadasseri, Udamanthai before emptying in to the Kavvayi backwaters.
Three streams coming from the north join the main stream. The river enters the backwaters at Udamanthai. It has a  catchment area of 143 sq. km.
Kavvayi or  the Kavil Pattanam is a small island, 4 km west from Payyanur municipality in the Kannur district.This village is one of the most attractive tourist area in kerala by its natural beauty.It is surrounded by river and tourist called it as Hawaii  During the past the city center of Kavil Pattanam was the main town because of the waterways through Kavvayi River and its big seaport.The island is connected to Payyanur by a small bridge on the Kavvayi River.   MBM and Kochen Island are the two very small islands other than  Kavvayi Island in between Kavvayi lake.You can walk from one end of the island to the other end in jus…


 MANJESWARAM RIVER Manjeswaram river is the shortest river in kerala and it has only 16 km length . The river originates from Balappooni hills and falls in to the Uppala Lake in Kasargode district.  Kasargode is a land of dozen rivers, the district is blessed with a large number of estuaries. Estuaries are sensitive ecosystem formed as a result of merging of a river or lake with the sea. Manjeswaram river  joins the Arabian Sea at Manjeswaram estuary between Bengara and Manjeswaram. 
At the mouth of the river, one can behold the ruins of an ancient dismantled stone temple which is now a small fish landing center  The Manjeswaram estuary is rich with diverse aquatic and avian life. It is home to hordes of beautiful and rare bird species. Shore birds and waders are abundant here. Plenty of Egrets, Pond Herons and Reef Egret  Green and Red Shanks were active inside the estuary as well as on the sea shore.Manjeswaram was a thriving port town and attracted many cultures and people to its bea…


RAMAPURAM RIVER Ramapuram river is the smallest stream in Kannur district having 19 Kms length and originates from Iringal. Out of 44 rivers in Kerala 7 are in Kannur district.  They are Ramapuram river, Kuppam river, Peruvamba river, Valapattanam river, Ancharakandy river, Thalassery river and Mahe river. The Ramapuram River  which drains in to the Kavvayi backwaters. It has its source in the hills coming in the village limits of Iringal at an altitude of 57 m above Mean Sea Level with catchment area of the basin is 52 Km2.

The river flows through the villages of Pariyaram, Cherthazhm and Madayi. Madayipara is a flat topped hillock located in the Madayi, It is overlooking Payangadi town on the northern bank of Kuppam river.The Madayipara is well known for its rich diversity of plants. The aquatic and semi-aquatic plants form extensive carpets of blue, pink, white and yellow during the monsoon season. It is typical of the Laterite foot hills of the Western Ghats. 

The area is notable for …


THALASSERY RIVER - THE PONNAYAM RIVER Thalassery or Ponnayam River originates and flows 28 km from the western cliffs of Kunnoth forest and  finally joins the Arabian Sea.It is also called Kuyali Puzha.It has one tributary and is Muriya.
Kannur District is mainly drained by Valapattanam, Ancharakandy,  Thalassery, Kuppam, Ramapuram, Mahe, Perumba and Kavai Rivers.

Thalassery is at the bank of this river and Kunduchira dam is at Moozhikkara. The geography of Thalassery is adorned with four rivers, seven hills and a long coast line.
Thalassery was a major commercial center during the British rule of India.Govt. Brennen College founded in 1851 is one of the premier educational institutions in Kerala.Herman Gundert, a German missionary who wrote the first Malayalam-English dictionary in 1872 lived in Thalassery.Muzhappilangad beach, Moppila Bay, Sree Ramaswami temple, Overbury's Folly, Odathil Palli, Fort St. Angelos,Thalassery Pier (Kadalpaalam),Thalassery Fort, Ezhimala, Payyambalam …