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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Korapuzha is also called Elathur River originates in the mountains of Wayanad district flows 40 km and empties into the Arabian Sea at Elathur. Korapuzha is formed by the confluence of two streams, Agalapuzha and Punnoorpuzha.
 The river is a popular water sports and boating destinations in Kerala. This river is the venue of  ‘Korapuzha Jalotsav’ the Water festival of kerala. It flows through various cities such as Vadakara, Beypore, Kallai, Kozhikode and kappad beach and is 19 km away from the river side.

The Punnurpuzha, which forms a part of the important West Coast Inland Navigation System, originates from Arikkanakunnu. But the Agalapuzha is more or less a backwater.Kappad is the place where the first European Vasco da Gama a Portuguese explorer set foot 500 years ago. The Korapuzha is generally considered as the boundary between the North Malabar and South Malabar in the erstwhile district of Malabar.Nair women were prohibited to cross Korapuzha from north malabar to south side even in the beginning of 20 Th century and faced ostracism (brasht)  from the cast.The Korapuzha bridge on the river is a beautiful bridge constructed by British.Watch the Mangroves of Korapuzha River and also Kappad beach can have Boating, fishing, water sports and swimming. Korapuzha is very famous for boat riding.

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