Kuppam River

 Kuppam River 
Kuppam or Payangadi River is in Taliparamba, Kannur District orginating from western ghats of kerala boarder in the Padinalkadu forests of Kodagu District in Karnataka State, merges with Valapattanam river and then into the Arabian Sea..This west- flowing river empties into the Arabian sea. The river flows through kuppam,Taliparamba  which is surrounded by seven small hills.

 The tributary of the river are Pakkatupuzha, Alakutathode, Kuttilol Puzha, Mukkuttathodu and Chiriyathode. Kuppam is a suburb of taliparamba situated in the each sides of kuppam river the rich valley of greenish mountains,and a beautiful coast of fletaring kuppam river, a gather of mangroves are the specialities of kuppam the inhabitance of kuppam is mostly based on agriculture and business.
Kuppam River has navigational water from Kooveri about 15 Km. flowing through Therandy, Cheriyoor, Pachheni, Iringal, Kuppam, Pattuvam, Payangadi and Matool to Arabian Sea. Its overall length may be 50 km. Kuttikol River a tributory joins Kuppam River at Kavin Munambu. It is flowing 2 km. away from Taliparamba.Once Kuppam river had been the sole way to travel to the hilly regions of Kannur. Hundreds of country boats used to ply the river then. In 1970, a bridge was constructed across the river and the river started to lose its glory.
 The bridge, built in the British style of architecture has five huge arches on each side and is an interesting piece of work. Patavil Shree Muthappan Madapura is situated on the banks of Kuppam river and
Jumamasjids are situated either side of the river near the Kuppam Bridge.  Kuppam was a big market for cash crops and there was godowns for stocking the commodities. Big country crafts were used to ferry commodities like peper, cashew, aricunut etc. daily. There is a bridge on Kuppam River and NH 17 passes through this bridge. Another bridge at Payangadi also over this river for State Highway.
Nearby  Places:
Taliparamba (6km) 
Māttūl (16.3km) 
Pāppinisseri (19.1km) 
Payyannūr (22.7km) 
Rāmantali (23.8km) 
Kokkānisseri (24.1km) 
Valapattanam (28.7km) 
Peringom (36.4km) 
Cannanore (37.4km) 
Irikkūr (47.2km)


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