44 Rivers of Kerala

There are 44 rivers in Kerala. 41 of them flow westward and 3 eastward.All these rivers originate from the Sahyadri hills(Western Ghats).Longest River in Kerala is Periyar, then Bharathapuzha and Pampa. Largest Backwater Lake in Kerala is Vembanad Lake.These rivers all originate in the Western Ghats range and flow westward into the Kerala Backwaters or into the Arabian Sea.

West flowing 41 rivers and its branches
1. Periyar River (244) Edamala ,Cheruthoni ,Mullayar ,Muthirapuzha ,Perinjankutti River
2. Bharatapuzha River (209),Thuthapuzha,Gayathripuzha ,Kalpathipuzha, Kannadipuzha River
3. Pamba River (176), Azhuthayar, Kakkiyar,Kakkattar, Kallar,Perunthenaruvi,
        Madatharuvi, Thanungattilthodu, Kozhithodu,Varattar,Kuttemperoor
4. Chaliyar River (169)
5. Chalakudy River (169),Parambikulam River
6. Kadalundy River (130)
7. Achankoil River (128)
8. Kallada River (121)
9. Muvattupuzha River (121)
10. Valapattanam River (110)
11. Chandragiri River (105)
12. Manimala River (90)
13. Vamanapuram River (88)
14. Kuppam River (88)
15. Meenachil River (78)
16. Kuttiyadi River (74)
17. Karamana River (68)
18. Shiriya River (68)
19. Kariangode River (64)
20. Ithikkara River (56)
21. Neyyar River (56)
22. Mahé River (54)
23. Keecheri River (51)
24. Perumba River (51)
25. Uppala River (50)
26. Karuvanoor River (48),Kurumali River
27. Anjarakkandi River (48)
28. Tirur River (48)
29. Neeleshwaram River (46)
30. Pallikkal River (42)
31. Kallayi River (40)
32. Korapuzha River (40)
33. Mogral River (34)
34. Kavvayi River (31)
35. Thanikkudam River (29)
36. Mamam River (27)
37. Thalassery River (28)
38. Chittary River (25)
39. Ramapuram River (19)
40. Ayiroor River (17)
41. Bangra Manjeswara River (16)

East flowing rivers
There are three rivers rise in Kerala and flows eastwards in this Kabini River into Karnataka State and the other two into Tamil Nadu State.
1. Kabani (58)
2. Bhavani (45)
3. Pambar (29)


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  7. Which district has most number of rivers??

    1. Kasargod district has the highest number of rivers in Kerala. There are altogether 12 rivers in kasaragod that nourish this immaculate land. Prominent among the rivers in Kasaragod is the Payaswani River. Payaswani originates from the east and merges with the Chandragiri River which is the longest among the rivers in Kasaragod. The Chandragiri River stretches up to 105 kms. The river originates from Chandragupta Vasti where the great Maurya Emperor Chandragupta Maurya is believed to have spent his final days as a sage, and hence the name Chandragiri river. Upppala, shiriya, kumbala, megral, bekal, chithari, karyankodu are the other rivers. Karyankodu is the second largest river with 64 km length. A dam has been built across the river at Kakkadavu. These rivers provide ample facilities for irrigation.

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